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About Me

When I started making fermented products about 6 years ago, I tried my best to find simple instructions. There were so many contradictory tips and techniques that I just got confused.

On top of that, I was raised not to leave food on the counter for hours, let alone days. That way, I had to overcome the “ick” factor when I let food rot on the counter and then eat it. I was worried about mold, worried if it would spoil, and never sure if it would be done or safe to eat. I threw away more Kraut batches and more Kraut batches before I finally figured out how to prevent mold, how to say if it spoiled and when it would be ready.

Over the years, I have designed my own easy-to-use and safe methods for cooking homemade fermented vegetables, pickles, kombuchi and many other fermented foods, and I started the this website to share them with you.